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Dr. Andrew Gyopar – Surgery (General)

He is very empathetic and sensitive to his patience needs. Highly recommended.”

“… He is very knowledgeable …and also very caring. His concern for aesthetics was like no other doctor I had seen previously. After the surgery I had tiny cuts that are invisible today… I would definitely recommend him…”

Dr. Carlos Cordoba – Plastic Surgery

“…He really listens to you and wants to know what your expectations are. He is very honest and tells you what to expect. … Will definitely go see him again if I ever decide to do any other surgery. Very pleased with the results”

“I’ve had a revision septorhinoplasty, cheek and jaw implants done with Dr. Cordoba … and … I can truly say that I love the results. He is possibly the only plastic surgeon in Montreal to do jaw implants and I could not be more pleased with the results. I’ve also had filler work done with him and it looks impeccable. Very patient and understanding, I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.”

Dr. George Bochi – Podiatry

“Excellent customer service – Dr. Bochi is very attentive and always goes above and beyond the usual expectations.”

“Dr.Bochi is a great doctor who ensures that his patient is comfortable and relaxed, and does a great job of fixing all issues. I had ingrown toe nails on both of my big toes and my issues were solved in a few comfortable moments. Facility is nice and clean. Everyone is very nice and makes you feel taken care off.”

“My experience with Dr.Bochi has been very positive. I was able to see improvement after the first visit. I highly recommend Dr.Bochi and his staff for their professionalism and quality.”

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