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Coaching Program

A coach is a partner who understands your situation and your goals, and can help you create successful plans and strategies for behavior change.

The Coaching program takes place in our clinic or online, depending on your location, schedule and preferences.

Summary of the treatment

Live Coaching
The Live Coaching program begins with a 3-month period after which we will reevaluate your coaching needs. You will begin by meeting weekly with your coach to check-in on your progress and to problem-solve any difficulties that you encounter. Live Coaching is supplemented by our Online Coaching program.

Online Coaching
Our online coaching program follows the same format and sequence as our in-clinic program, providing timely, secure, personalized information and feedback, without the need for appointments or travel. It is used as a supplement to the Live Coaching, and on its own for people who cannot make it to our clinic.

Each week you will receive an online interactive module, in which you can address issues and communicate with your coach.

Your coach is a highly experienced health professional who will read and analyze all your messages and will provide a weekly response.

Thus, you will be in continuous communication with your coach, who will guide you through the program.