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Obesity and Depression

These two serious issues often occur together and are interrelated. Treating either of the two separately is helpful, and may even show benefits for the issue that was not targeted. But it may be more beneficial to work on both issues together, which should have synergistic effects. That’s why we developed our specialized Obesity & Depression program.

Clinical indications

Incorporate exercise into a depression treatment program for overweight/obese patients from the start. Evidence suggests that depression and obesity are associated with alterations in immune activity.

Summary of the treatment

Treatment of obesity with lifestyle management involves learning how to eat better/less and how to be more active. This behaviour change process requires identification of goals, formation of plans, strengthening of motivation and problem-solving, usually referred to collectively as Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for obesity.

Treatment of depression with psychological therapy targets increasing positive emotional experiences and decreasing negative ones. The process of emotional change is mediated by changes in thinking and behavior, which are the focus of treatment. This requires identification of emotional states and their connection to cognitive and behavioral coping mechanisms, and increasing confidence through practicing new strategies and becoming comfortable with new habits.

In our integrated Obesity & Depression program we work on both problems at the same time. We judge our results by how much you feel better and maintain a healthier weight, over the long-term. Our goal is to help you make deep and lasting changes in your eating, exercise, emotions and weight.