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Les Cours Medical Centre

ProFractional Laser Treatment

The Most Effective Laser Treatment That Renews Your Damaged Skin
Les Cours Medical Centre’s ProFractional Laser Treatment is the most effective method of regaining the skin you had when you were younger, with the least amount of downtime.

Les Cours Medical Centre’s Profractional Laser can treat:
Sun spots/damage
Acne scarring
Improve your skin texture

Treatable Zones

Treatment in video

Description of technology

At Les Cours Medical Centre, your safety and time are our primary concerns. During the procedure, a micro-laser beam will remove only the damaged parts of your skin with amazing precision, allowing your skin to heal faster and your recovery period to be much shorter. Most sessions last about one hour and we recommend that you schedule a session every 4 to 6 weeks until you have satisfactory resolved the problem.


How Can ProFractional Laser Treatments Help Me?
You want the latest, most innovative way to get results to repairing skin damage
You want to diminish and erase the effects of acne scarring, wrinkles and sun exposure
You want a quick, efficient and relatively painless solution to making your skin look younger