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Les Cours Medical Centre

Program for Teens

Weight problems often begin in childhood or adolescence, which may be detrimental to the development of the individual, both physically and emotionally. The overweight teenager struggles with a changing and sometimes difficult social world and growing independence from parents which may be complicated by conflicts about weight and dieting. Weight control doesn’t get any easier during adolescence. So we created this program especially for teens who choose to work on their weight and related issues.

Summary of the treatment

The goal is to help teenagers deal effectively with their weight, without without becoming chronic yo-yo dieters or developing eating disorder symptoms.

Initial Assessment
Teenage patients and their parents are first seen by our medical doctor and psychologist to evaluate their physical and psychological condition, and to develop a treatment plan.

Introductory Program
Our program is individualized, beginning with a 3 or 6-month treatment period, followed by additional help as needed.

Although the adolescent program is based on the same approach as our adult program, it is modified to address specific developmental issues and challenges.