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Rhinoplasty can reshape your nose in a number of ways to improve its appearance and proportion in relation to your other facial features. People most often elect surgery to alter the size and shape of the bridge and tip of the nose. Although there is no age limit for rhinoplasty, the mid-teens, a time when the nose is near full development, is the earliest recommended age. With older individuals, health is the primary consideration. Reshaping is generally done through incisions inside the nose, but there may also be an incision passing across the central portion of the nose between the nostrils. It is sometimes necessary to narrow the base of the nose or reduce the size at the base of the nostrils. The resulting scars usually fade very well and, ultimately, should be barely noticeable. The nose is reduced, or in some cases built up, by adjusting its supporting structures – either removing or adding bone and cartilage. The skin and soft tissues then redrape themselves over this new “scaffolding”.

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