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Les Cours Medical Centre

Stress & Emotions Management

Regardless of their weight people can suffer from dysregulation of stress and emotions. Our Stress & Emotions Management program is open to adolescents and adults of all ages and weights.

The primary goals in this program are to help people feel calmer and happier.

Whether or not you initially came to our website and clinic because of your weight or eating disorder, there are times when other problems are more pressing and become the priority of treatment.

For example, during a very stressful period strong feelings of anxiety, anger and depression may occur, sometimes to the point of interfering with daily functioning. Our program helps people face their issues and calm their emotions.

Summary of the treatment

Treatment starts by evaluating the nature and causes of one’s feelings of stress and negative emotions.

Next we begin a translation of the desire to feel better into specific goals, such as feeling more relaxed, being more active, sleeping better, feeling healthier, and being happier.

These goals can be achieved with consistent practice of new habits of thinking and acting. Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for stress and emotions is an active therapy promoting the learning of new habits of self-regulation.

CBT is the most direct treatment for stress and emotions, using a variety of techniques to promote the goal of optimizing the individual’s emotional state.