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Weight Loss Surgery Support Program

If you are seriously overweight, especially if you are suffering from complications of your weight, you may be considering weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is widely accepted today, generally producing favorable short and long-term results.

But deciding to have weight loss surgery is a big decision. Let us help you decide, with our multidisciplinary evaluation you will have the input of medicine, psychology, nutrition and fitness professionals. Our team of obesity specialists has seen hundreds of weight loss surgery patients, both before and after surgery.

Before you decide, see us, the specialists in comprehensive obesity care. Come for a Multidisciplinary Team evaluation. Stay for long-term support.

Clinical Indications

A dietary and physical activity history should be assessed in all patients before counseling is initiated. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of mood and anxiety disorders, which are the most common disorders in the general population and occur with high rates among persons with obesity.

Summary of the treatment

Multidisciplinary Team Assessment
Our specialized evaluation includes a full physical workup, behavioral assessment, nutritional analysis, and body composition and fitness appraisal. This is the first step in the surgery path – it is here we will determine if surgery is the right decision, what kind of surgery, when, what to do before, what to do after. You will see each member of the team, providing a complete analysis and optimal planning.

Pre-Surgery Preparation
We start by helping you to lose some weight before surgery, by working on eating better and increasing physical activity, in order to both optimize physical conditioning for surgery, and to start developing new habits that are needed after surgery and for the long-term.

First Six Months After Surgery
Visits after 1, 3 and 6 months, with medical monitoring, to track progress and make adjustments.

Long-term Follow-Up
We offer ongoing access to all of our services. We encourage a long-term perspective and long-term multidisciplinary follow-up, since we are more concerned with how you will be doing in 5 years, rather than 3 months. For example, 6, 12, 24 (and more) months post-surgery, are you where you should be in terms of eating and exercise habits? Are you feeling good? Satisfied?

After the initial assessment, all patients are followed medically on an “as-needed” basis (i.e. the frequency of meetings to be determined by the physician and patient).

À la Carte Plan
As an alternative to our 6-month post-surgery program, patients may select individual sessions as they choose, while being followed medically.